Section 8 Company (NGO) Registration in India

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*Each additional Director or Shareholder will cost ₹1500. In case of incorporation in Madhya Pradesh, an additional stamp duty of Rs.7500 will be applicable. In case of incorporation in Punjab, an additional stamp duty of Rs.10, 000 will be applicable. In case of Kerala, an additional stamp duty of Rs.3000 will be applicable.

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Register a Section 8 Company (NGO) in India

A Section 8 Company is a specific form of Company which:

  • Is incorporated for the promotion of commerce, art, science, education, research, sports, charity, social welfare, religion, protection of environment or any such other object.
  • It intends to apply all it’s profits, income, or other earnings, in promoting these objects.
  • Pays no dividend or income to its members.

These are limited companies, which are registered under the Companies Act, and will be treated as limited companies without the phrase “limited” being added to their name. They may have been registered either as “private limited or public limited companies”.

Section 25 Company (under Companies Act, 1956) is a prior version. Section 8 Companies are a legal form of “Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) or Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs)”. A Section 8 Company has the authority to work anywhere in the country.


Advantages of Section 8 Company (NGO) Registration

Separate Legal Existence

Section 8 Company is a separate legal entity and is different from it’s members. The Company has perpetual existence. Along with having organized operations and greater flexibility.

No corporate title

Section 8 Company is not required to suffix “Public Limited or Private Limited”, next to it’s legal name. It can be registered with names such as “Association, Society, Council, Club, Charities, Foundation, Academy, Institute, Organisation, and Federation”.

Owners’ Limited Liability

The company’s obligation or debts of does not create a charge over the owner’s personal assets. Their liability stays limited only to the capital subscribed and unpaid by them.

Tax and compliance exemptions


Documents required to register a Section 8 Company (NGO)

PAN Card

PAN Card of shareholders and Directors. Foreign nationals must provide a valid passport.

Identity Proof

Aadhar card and Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License of Shareholders and Directors.

Director’s Address Proof

Latest Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Bank Account Statement of Shareholders and Directors.


Latest Passport size photograph of Shareholders and Directors.

Business Address Proof

Latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill of the registered office address (not older than 50 days)

NOC from owner

No Objection Certificate to be obtained from the owner(s) of registered office

Rent Agreement

Rent Agreement of the registered office should be provided if any


In case of NRI or Foreign National, documents of director (s) must be notarized or apostilled

Formulation of Company Name

Unique Name

Mainly it builds the company brand and preferably be a coined word

Business Object

The second part of the name should suggest the business activity of the company

Constitution Type

Name of the company must end with “Foundation or Association” as a suffix



Register a Company in 3 Easy Steps

Process to Register a Company in India

1. Answer Quick Questions

  • Pick a Package that best fits your requirements
  • Fill in our questionnaire that takes less than 10 minutes
  • Provide basic details & documents required for registration
  • Make payment through secured payment gateways

Day 1 - 2

  • Review of documents and information provided
  • Application for Digital Signature Certificate

2. Experts available for Help

  • Assigned Relationship Manager
  • Procurement of Digital Signatures (DSC)
  • Application for Company Name Registration
  • Documents drafting including MOA and AOA
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Application for PAN and TAN

Same Day

  • Checking Name availability
  • Drafting of MoA, AoA & other required documents

3. Your Company is Registered

  • All it takes is 3-10 working days*

Same Day

  • Name reservation application under SPICe
  • Filing company registration application
  • DIN allotment application
  • Application for PAN and TAN of company

Day 3-10

  • Government processing time

After Incorporation what you get:

* If opted for GST Registration then only GST Registration Certificate will be given.

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Explore Section 8 Company Registration

Yes, you can register your Sec 8 company at your residential address. There is no issue, you need only the utility bill copy of the same

Yeah, it’s  a good idea to register on your family member on the Paper. Even on later stage you can change this or transfer the shares of the directors.

It depends on Government Processing and approval. But when you register your Company with FileFunda it is fastest, on an average it takes up to 3 to 10 working days to register a section 8 company in India.

It costs nearby 16999/- INR except in some state like Punjab, Kerala and MP State due to Stamp Duty. The package is for two directors only, in case of each additional Director or Shareholder will cost ₹1500. In case of incorporation in Madhya Pradesh, an additional stamp duty of Rs.7500 will be applicable. In case of incorporation in Punjab, an additional stamp duty of Rs.10, 000 will be applicable. In case of Kerala, an additional stamp duty of Rs.3000 will be applicable.

GST Registration is optional till the 20 lakh rupees turnover and for north east state 10 lakh rupees turnover. it’s a completely separate registration apart from section 8 company registration.

In the private limited company all the eForms has to be filed with the DSC issued by a CCA approved Certifying Authority.

Basically, with the section 8 company registration, you company name has been secured. but if we talk about the logo registration then there is separate trademark registration

It’s a life time validity of the section 8 company registration certificate. But there are some situation where Section 8 company name can be terminated from the ROC –

– if the company are not filings regular Annual Returns.

Yes, you can become director of the company if you are not bounded with any employment contract for the same, for more details must check your employment agreement.

No, you don’t need to be present any Government office, you have to just provide us the documents as scanned copy via our web portal or email or whatsapp and we will do the rest for you.

If we talk about the annual maintenance or compliance then its include following things ;

1) Appointment of the Auditor with the statutory audit of the accounts (ADT-2). Filings of the AGM, Annual Return and financial statement

3) Filings of the Income Tax Return for the same.

To register such company, the promoters have to ensure the following:
1) The main object of the company must be to operate for a charitable purpose and among those prescribed in law
2) Minimum 2 members of the company, who shall subscribe to capital on incorporations
3) Minimum 2 directors in the company, one of which must be Indian citizen and resident
4) The registered office of the company must be situated in India

The Section 8 company is popularly known as NGO. However, NGOs can be registered as other business structure like trust, society, etc. But Section 8 Company has many added benefits.

Upon registration of Sec 8 company, central government issues a license under section 8 of the Companies Act to give the entity a special recognition.

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